A Quick Favor, Please

Loves, I’m a writing fool right now, four projects on my plate. DIY Journal Couture: Utility Belt is in editing mode (thanks Dr. Lopez!) Prelude to Fertility is back up, ready to help you get preggers right here.  A collection of my grandmothers’ first line interventions to promote fertility and a healthy pregnancy. And let’s say that you or someone you love does require medical fertility support, this info still stands, but instead of getting mama pregnant the tips can help help keep baby comfy in the womb until it’s birth time. More tips, less dinero, and all useful. Like Baby Maeve here, don’t you want all babies to be that happy and comfy? I’m collecting points to cover for Labor Whispering: Mapbook for Mamas, gathering notes from my personal protocol and, just this weekend, I faced a new labor block that I had never ever considered before, and it was a mother freaking doozy. Like, I had to call my seeester Dr. Blythe to get a therapist’s perspective, it was heavy. Funding is going great, just FYI.  Yesterday we hit a cool grand, yay! And in this past week I saw contributions from people I love including my DAD! Even an estranged ex girlfriend donated, so healing for all is happening here.  #thisiswhathealinglookslike Scars tutorial is launched back up, a little rough cause it is my first go round with video tutorials, but im passionate about these fellas getting their healing on. Cleverly named Dudes Supah Fly Chest Guide, get you some here.  Scars: Healing You(r) Belly is in re-write mode. This is where I could use a favor. My question for you, Loves, is this: what needs to be said and addressed for those that experienced a surgical birth? What healed you, what remains to be healed, and what keeps you up at night? Let me in, trust me, tell me what you still need. I’ll do my best to help you get right. All in it together. xoxox, Rowan P.S.: Here is your Placenta Tuesday (yes, I know it’s Wednesday now). P.P.S.: And I have some openings for Saturday, come get your naked on.

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