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Hey Loves, Just got back from the Arvigo Institute learning Mayan abdominal massage with these lovely ladies and one dude. I was inspired to send this email to my friend Carla, and then I realized I wanted to send it to all of you. Hey Love, I just got back from the Arvigo therapy Mayan abdominal massage training and, different from other times I’ve attended trainings in the past, with this modality I really felt like I GOT it, and how also to best pass it along to my clients. As I was learning, a few of my clients would come to mind, like we would talk uterine prolapse during the training and I’d be all like “holy shit, I wish I’d known this protocol when this happened to Helen, or I wished I’d know this point when Maria’s pelvis was stuck and we needed that extra give to turn the baby,” and on and on and on…. I found it profoundly helpful for me and my menopausal life changing body. Urban Curandera, Rowan TwoSisters, Vaginal Birth, Home Birth, Doula, , Menopause Monthly, Massage, Prenatal, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Houston, MAyan Abdominal Massage, fertility Don Elijio, a traditional healer that mentored this work, said “If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she.” Don’t believe me? Ask a woman with cramps what she thinks about life. Here is a link of all the other shiz Arvigo therapy Mayan abdominal massage is supposed to help with, though mostly it guides a body and soul to find homeostasis. That’s where the real healing happens. And I just gotta use these testimonials till I get my own. So if you are feeling it, book your Mayan Abdominal massage session. I’ll send you a significant intake form, fill it out, and let’s go over it and get the healing happening. Some folks need more than one session, many don’t. Depends on the objective, and what the findings are as we asses your uterus and guide it back to health. I’d like to do this work with you. Thanks a bunch for considering it. And mucho smoocho for reals, Rowan P.S.: Menopause monthly coming up!  I thought we were gonna talk breasts, but now I see it’s all about the uterus. Maybe I’ll bust out an embroidery pattern or something. P.P.S.: NO #PlacentaTuesday today, but there is always next week!

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