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Embroidery For All

NO MORE WHINING! “But I don’t know how….like what would i use that for…..thats old time grandma stuffff…I dont have time…” You know what? Yes you do, and you can do all sorts of cool ass shit that helps calm your mind, rest your body and makes your home, clothing and life look like works […]

my eyelashes don’t hurt

when i arrived – everything hurt – including my eyelashes when i left – my eyelashes did not hurt :] rowan was able to alleviate much of my stress, which is not an easy thing to do – Customer since November 2010

The Best Massage Evah!

Rowan is awesome-she is caring, intuitive, responsive (checking in with me when my facial expressions change), everything that you could ever want in a massage therapist! – Customer since November 2010

Best Massage I’ve Ever Had!!

I have been friends with Rowan for years, but this was my first opportunity to get a massage from her. It was seriously the best massage I have ever had!! I highly recommend that you give her a try. – Customer since November 2010

no more sciatica!

I first came to Rowan when I was six months pregnant and badly suffering from sciatica. The shooting pains were affecting my mobility and morale. Rowan’s soothing massage not only relaxed me, but the sciatic pain was gone within days. I have visited her for follow-up massages once a month since then, and the pain […]

Brilliant Massage – feel great!

I’ve been working with Rowan for over 10 years. Not only is she a fantastic massage therapist, she is a loving friend and sister. I always feel better after seeing her, be it for an out of this world massage or a five minute visit. I’ll come back for as long as Rowan will put […]

Best massage ever!

Rowan Twosisters is truley a gifted body worker/healer. I appreciate her passion and extensive knowledge in the healing arts. Feeling great and looking forward to my next massage! Best massage ever! – Customer since December 2010

I finally found a great massage therapist in Houston!

I have lived in Houston for about 1 1/2 years and have been on the search for an awesome massage therapist. I am glad to inform everybody that I found her! Rowan is awesome . professional and she has great healing energy. Will be booking a massage with her on a frequent basis. – Customer […]

Truly best massage ever

Rowan is the best massage therapist in Houston. My aches go away and her hands melt my pains. If I could go to her once a week I would! Between prepping for long races and lots of upper body work my body was a mess. Not anymore! – Customer since January 2011


This was my first time seeking a massage therapist and it was fantastic. Rowan was also a great listener and made me feel comfortable and at ease. She did a great job. I would definitely return and recommend Rowan to others. – Customer since January 2011