Back In the Saddle!

I just spent the week at #HottieHoopCamp, it was real fun! REALFUN. Like, um did you see what happened to the baby? Use  #hottiehoopcamp in your Instagram or Facebook search bar and watch the goodness flow. #LaborWhispering is also going well, and it’s time for me to get serious jamming on my campaign. This week will find me getting it out there, so if you have a suggestion on who might need to see my awesome project, I’m happy to receive the feedback! So far, I have Ellen in my sights (’cause who watches Ellen? Women, that’s who), getting in front of more #vbac and #Ican folks, and just opening up to see who else needs this goodness. A big thank you to all the peeps that have contributed! Big LOVE, Rowan P.S.: #Placentauesday is a recipe! P.P.S.: Added a new Service offer, Scar Therapy. 

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