Everyone who WANTS a Doula deserves a Doula

Check out this fabulous Tedx talk httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szjuwyJPB8A That got me thinking, and then I saw this cool quote from one of the jillion blogs i read,* “Go where I am wanted, not where I am needed” What I take that to mean is that folks NEED very little: food, clothing, shelter. I think my services can be viewed as both a want, and a need. Folks come to see me that want to feel better in their bodies. Folks also come to see me that want their birth to be an act of empowerment. Which, of course, impacts their family and, through the ripple effect, all of us. So, then I thought about my current project, Labor Whispering; Mapbook for Mamas. Many folks may need this info to scooch up the pyramid, but not all of them want it. And as a community, we lose. A way to flip that script is to get Labor Whispering skills in as many folks’ hands as possible, and see if we can get a trickle down effect. I’ll have that Indiegogo fundraiser up next week, so we can have at it and have a gay ole time fund and momentum raising. Maybe then it won’t seem so daunting to have an empowered birth. All in it together, Rowan & Mr.Cups P.S.: Here is your #placentatuesday pic!

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