Fake eyelashes + Baby Charly = Hilarity

Welcome Baby Maya!!! Congratulations to to Tina! She came just two days after her mama attended #HottieHoopCamp! In this video you can see Baby Charly sporting false eyelashes, and 1:40 we see Tiffany’s pregnant belly of goodness. Hooping, bellies, and babies really do go together. It was all good love and fun. Hope you can come next year! Update on Rowan’s Big Shift: The Labor Whispering Campaign is still trucking away. I have so much gratitude to those who have shown me the love. Show me some social media love and give me a FB share or Tweet! I’d love you even more* And you know what? I love me some teaching. It’s really something to help someone become their own best healer, to mentor other healing arts professionals, and to pass along my cumulative wisdom. So, if you were thinking of coming in to see me, lets get that on the books for BEFORE August 13 when I go on my summer break. A whole ‘nother party might be starting around then. Super Love to You, Rowan * just kidding, that’s not really possible. I already think you are the bee’s knees. P.S.: #PlacentaTuesday pic over here.

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