How to Go Into Labor, Labor Whispering tip #143

Three things I gotta mention today. 1) One of the reasons folks don’t go into labor is anxiety, right? And I’ve written about that some in the past. What’s a great way to reduce anxiety? Watching birth stories that are uplifting and awesome.

Look what I got for you right here? Mim’s birth courtesy of Bump to Baby Photography. httpv:// Labor, or a least tears, will start for sure. 2) The Arvigo Therapy Mayan Abdominal Massage training is going well, and I’m gonna need a crap ton of client sessions to document for my certification level. I’m lookin’ for peeps, both male and female, who are having fertility challenges, painful periods, peeing on yourself when you sneeze, bowel issues, endometriosis gone wild, or whatever else you got rumbling in your abdominal cavity. Two-session certification special, limited to 18 people.  Book soon, ’cause those spots will go fast. 

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Here I am almost compliant to Hindu ashram dress code. 3) Menopause monthly is getting traction, next one is Oct 10th, Topic? Breast Health. So join the FB group if your roll like that, and RSVP for the monthly get together if you wanna learn how to support the girls. xoxoxo, Rowan P.S.:  I started a not-so-SECRET board on Pinterest for scar healing. So if you have been in to see me and felt overwhelmed by the resources I mentioned, I am aggregating everything together for ya. And its cool to share with your peeps, even though I’m still getting everything up there. P.P.S.: #PlacentaTuesday 

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