Labor Whispering FAQ

When should I book my apt?  Book your appointment as soon as you decide you are wanting this service. I’ve noticed that I do the very best work when seeing 5 -7 clients a week, these slots book up FAST. Setting up your appointment three months in advance is not unheard of  Book Now with Rowan!   When should I come in? How many times? First time moms tend to book on their due date, and then a week after that (book both of these appointments at the same time, hopefully way in advance.) Most first time moms deliver about a week after their due date, so the first massage we get to know each other, and I can get a feel for your  body. The second massage generally hits that magic window, although its been known, frequently, to happen on that first massage. Second time and after moms book on their due date, or a week earlier. Note: subsequent Labor Whispering sessions are $145.   How does it work?  My experience tells me that certain gentle interventions can start labor or help a labor that has stalled out.  Pat Jones says, “Almost nothing can get a baby out thats not ready, and almost nothing can hold a baby in thats ready to be born.” So assuming baby is ready* I use a combination of essential oils, lengthening of muscles and ligaments, pressure points and medical intuition. I also chat and ask about things that I’ve seen be a labor blocker before, so in that regard I am a fresh pair of eyes and ears. My best guess is that we align the body and mind, assist in getting your baby aligned to drop into your pelvis, look for obvious obstacles, suggest ways to get the hormones flowing and about 90% of the time it works great.

What should I wear?  For the massage you will be wearing as little as possible, some folks wear undies, others pull those off so I can work on their sitz bones and glutes. Your modesty will be maintained with a sheet draping your body parts that we are not massaging.  I usually wear jeans and a top lol   Can I late cancel without penalty?  If you are in strong labor please cancel as soon as you can, if you are in early labor or in an inconsistent pattern please consider coming in anyway so we can really get that train moving. Discerning how far along in labor you are is a fine trick, so sometimes discussion can let me offer my professional thoughts and feedback. If clients late cancel with me (less than 24 hours) they typically paypal or mail me a thank you tip, but that is up to your heart on that one.   How can I get to know you better?   Check out the links on this site to learn more about my location, open appointments and other services offered. Or give me a call at 713.302.2182.   What if it doesn’t work? You know what? It might not. Your baby may not be ready * But what WILL work is your better understanding of what facilitates birth, what stops birth in it’s tracks, and helping you realize what you want to feel and have experienced  during the birth, and your memory of the first time looked into your baby’s eyes. And that’s a BIG gift.   What happens if…  My water breaks, I leak breast milk, I goodge your sheets or crown my baby right their in your office? Don’t worry, it will be fine, its probably happened before. I have a mop.   Are you the funniest massage therapist in Houston/Harris county?  Yes. Get you some * The most irritated I ever got was at a woman who was gnashing her teeth, tired and over it, swearing she was in stalled out labor and could I come in RIGHT NOW to help her?! So I rush over to the clinic to meet her, to find out she was 37 weeks pregnant. In fact I think I’m still irritated. Duuuude.

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