Labor Whispering

Hey Loves! Did ya know that most postpartum massages include a snack break? Patty and baby Orlando! My indiegogo project, Labor Whispering, is live and cranking! Big love to all my contributors so far, it means the world. Seriously. Iif you have extra buckaroonies and you think I’m a good investment, I’m happy to receive. It’s an investment in something way bigger than me, it’s more an investment in a Mama and family that is having an 11th hour understanding that they have not adequately prepped for a positive or successful birth experience. A way to combat the “Oh hell, im screwed feeling.” I don’t want any woman to feel that way, especially not when pregnant. So, I’m doing what I can, and with your support I can get the message out even further. You can also help by spreading the word. Let others who may be moved to help know about the project. Thank you again. xoxoxooxoxoxox, Rowan P.S.: I’m off to #HottieHoopCamp this week, so I’ll be on the beach hooping and feeling happy. Follow along on Instagram @punkrockhoops if you are the instagraming type.

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