M as in Mary

Y’all, Mary Rabbit said this to me the other day when we were discussing menopause: “It’s like you return to yourself, who you were before the hormones took over.” Um, what? 

“It’s like you return to yourself, who you were before the hormones took over.”

  Oh, is that what’s been happening? As I slowly drift to more writing and teaching, and wanting to just create 24/7/365? Oh HELL YEAH then, It. Is. ON.

  1. Online class room should be up and jammin’ by the end of July.
  2. Class room should be up and jammin’ early August.

  What am I gonna teach in my classroom? Well, how ’bout this?

  It is ON.   And I wanna take a minute to give a shout out to a role model and scar healing mentor, Pati the Chula Doula. This woman puts the B in badassery, and is one of the most powerful grass roots social, women’s birth, and sexual health advocates  I HAVE EVER MET.  I’m going to give her a little visit at the end of July. She’s in midwifery school in El Paso, so I’m heading to my home town to show her some love/healing juju and I maaaaaayyyy just check out the school while I’m out there. Maybe. Lastly, Stephen Gaskin crossed over last week. I actually first met Ina May with my arms over my head, not wearing a shirt, as Stephen painstakingly painted clear nailpolish on my numerous chigger bites. I’ll fill you in on that story next time. menopause, placenta, urban curandera, houston, activist, birth, crone, creativity, video, share ross, doula Love to you All, let’s keep fighting the good fight. XO, Rowan P.S.: A reminder that I’m on vacation the second half of August, and I’ll be out for a week in July, so get yourself scheduled ASAP. P.P.S.: Here’s your Placenta Tuesday

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