MenoPause with a Side of Placenta Truffles

Wanna see some LOVE?

Houston, Doula, Raw Chocolate, Truffles, Placenta, Rowan TwoSisters, Curandera, massage, weirdos, menopause, meetings, red tent Thank you to Bump to Baby Birth Photography! Scope out that big man hand of mine. Oh, and Mims and Baby Leo of course. Love all the way around. And for the record, Mims reports that my raw, vegan chocolate placenta truffles are the “” Pretty sure those words aren’t used much with a placenta edible. Anyway, they are new on the menu. Yum. Also new to the menu are:

Menopause Monthlys

First Friday night of the month (so, you know, this Friday), start gathering around 7, get going about 7:20 with checking in and saying what’s up. I’ll do some education based on a topic brought to the group, and then after that how ’bout a big ole chat. Shoot me back an email if you think that sounds like something you like or need. Also feel free to bring a hand project if you are the knitting, etc. type. Like a rhinoceros’ eye, for example. There will be tea and some type of (non-placenta) snack. I’m on the wagon, so probably need to skip the adult beverages, but since we end around 9:30 there is time to get get drinks with your beezies. Our first gathering is to create momentum. After that, the monthly will be $25, which is way less than what the tampons, chocolate, salt and vinegar chips and ibuprofen used to run ya. Shoot me an email to RSVP ’cause space is limited. I was thinking 8 peeps, Mary Rabbit thinks 80. XO Loves, Rowan P.S.: I’m off staycation, so book here so you can see the new classroom! P.P.S.: #PlacentaTuesday

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