My Big Fat Failure

I wanted to update you on #LaborWhispering, like specifically that there is waaaaaaaaay more work than one woman can do. And I’m super clear on why my efforts to create a Labor Whispering self paced workbook didn’t get the traction I’d hoped for last year. Scenario: Pregnant lady is desperate to go into labor, the interventions are howling at the door, she gets workbook in hand, and promptly gets overwhelmed with the sifting, sorting and personal work she needs to do in the final hours. She needs a doula, a labor whispering doula.

Congratulations Jessica and Leo; LW Clients!

So here’s my plan. I wanna get a bunch of birthy peeps educated on the art of Labor Whispering and into the mix.  The more peeps, the better when it comes to working one on one with mamas to help get their labor started and running smooth. And you all know that teaching is MY JAM. Enter my very first Labor Whispering WorkShop, an Advanced Doula Training I’m going to lay it all out there, what I learned 20 years ago to last week. And for doulas who are also massage therapists? Sweet, I have a ceu and a certification waiting for you. Certified Labor Whisperer with some business coaching, oh yes. My dad calls this an honorable profession, and I’ve earned a great living helping women and families. If you know someone who loves birth, or empowering women, and wants to change our society’s fabric for the better then forward them this email. Ask them if they can see themselves as a Labor Whisperer. And of course I’m down if it’s you who feels called. 8 spots total, 5 left. These are the cheap seats. Next go round I’ll have fancy branded manual with a smooth as silk price. Gritty now, smooth later. You pick. Lastly, My phone’s been crapped out from a Sprint/Credo conflict since Saturday, so I haven’t quit you or anything, it’s a technology issue.

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