Name Energy + Your baby + My Grandmother

My girl Lin is naming her baby Pepper. I love that.

Name energy is a woo woo term for how certain personalities seem to trend with certain names. And we can do the numerology (or not, if your don’t believe in that kinda thing!). But essentially the application here is that, when picking a baby name, it’s totally a natural inclination to name your baby Harrison after your rad Uncle Harry. I think you should do it. See, last night my paternal grandmother died, Julia, and a sweet friend of mine has a baby Julia, that just happens to be in two of the pictures stuck on my fridge. What did I get to see right now getting more coffee?

Comforting, that’s what that is. So, name that baby whatever energy you want to carry through, the blessings you want, dream and hope for ’cause, like, have you seen how cute Tracy Rowan is? Obviously this works.

Big shout out to parents of Baysil Peace, Aspen and Violet, Vivianne, Grace, Camille, Oliver Hansen and all the other babies named with intention. XO, Rowan P.S.: The momma of John Mayer assured me that she will not allow the douchey~ness to continue on.  #thisiswhathealinglookslike

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