Wanna get into Trouble Together?

Great, Me too!

This Sunday I’m having a Banging Beginning Embroidery Bootcamp pretty much for sure gonna be  full of  fun and shenanigans.

How about a fat (or not) butt yoga DVD release party?

I started learning Heavyweight yoga over the holidays, and it has been magical in that 1) I don’t cry and hate on myself during the routine and 2) it is wildly helpful for low back pain that I occasionally have. And I’m doing this upstairs in my bedroom with Electra via the magic of the DVD. 25 minutes, yoga for all bodies.

So come on out to the Yoga partayyyyyyyyy and pick up a life changing (chill enough for most preggers peeps, also pretty perfect for postpartum) DVD. Feb 8th, NiaMoves, 6:30pm. Got an adaptive yoga question? Great, bring that too.


Third option for you party people is my DesireMap Workshop.


This is for my peeps who want some major clarity. Like, what if every decision you ever have to make, for the rest of your life, was… easy? What if clarity (about your job, your health, your marriage) came rushing in like flood waters? THAT is what happened to me, when I figured out my core desired feelings. I’d like to help you uncover yours. Join me? See you SOON! xoxoxooxox Rowan ps I miss you, how ya been? Just hit reply and send me a little note.

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