Urban Curandera | Teaching You How to Heal Yourself

It’s not really about me, is it? It’s about you, how I can help You.

I can help you heal your self, reawaken or breathe life into that tiny spark, that flame where you are your own best healer.

I am an Urban Curandera, wedda growing up in El Paso, where I always wanted to work in birth, show leadership in my community, and create safe haven for those needing to stop, rest, and recharge.

The cultural diseases I work with most are stress, fertility challenges, navigating the birth a mama wants, and healing emotionally and physically in the postpartum period.

Training? Yep:

LMT, MTI, CIMI, TTTtm, Minister, Reiki master, Nia Blue Belt, Hoopnotica, BodyHoops, and Punk Rock hoopdance instructor, and now licensed midwife.

Unofficial credentials include medical intuitive, aromatherapy devotee, lover of all things fermented, and the original Labor Whisper. I live and breathe healing arts.

My experience includes 25+ years exploring massage, midwifery, essential oils, accepting divine self and green economics. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to facilitate folks living more comfortably in their own skin.