Rowan’s Big Fat New Career

Oh El Paso, you always show me what’s up. Thanks to the generosirty of you super loves I went out and loved up on the Chula Doula who is in midwifery school, and while there I had amazeballs clarity.

 My massage career as I know it is over

It’s totally time for me to step up more, teach more, and get more folks touching and healing their wounds. First up? go after and complete the certifications that I have in partial completion. (I’m looking at you, Arvigo Institute) Second? Get to teaching, and so we begin, this Sunday at six. Cant be there? No problemo.  Register anyway. I’ll send you a recording, you can listen or watch whenever. We’ll be talking about how to heal your scars, 101. And not some superficial biz. Think more like getting mauled by a dog or surgical birth. Like that. And what’s to become of all the pregnant mamas who will still need excellent prenatal massage? Let me present The Amazing Rose Startin’ January, Rose will begin to see prenatal massage clients, work with postpartum mamas for belly health and overall well being, and most probably come up with some other awesome services that we haven’t dreamed up yet. How do i know she’ll be any good? 1) I’m training her with my massage protocols, 2) She has some big natural talent that we are harnessing, 3) She’s my daughter, this apple did not fall far from the tree. Wanna give her a tryout? She’s still in school, so you can get your massage in on the cheap. And boooo, but this is for non-preggers. Or whomever else needs some bodywork. Like YOU.

Rose Carle

Details:  $35 for 1 hour, or $52.50 for 1.5 hour session, no tips accepted. BOOK NOW! for September availability I will continue to see repeat clients who are either high risk, my personal doula clients or have otherwise cajoled me. It’s time, my loves, for me to get the good words out there, and expand my teaching beyond Houston, Tejas. Much Love, Rowan P.S.: Book Now P.P.S: #PlacentaTuesday P.P.P.S.: Mr.Cups is still missing. Send him some coming home vibes, please? Massage

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