Hey Love, You know what I dig? Low tech resources that have the potential to make a HUUUUGE difference in someone (like YOU)’s life. Got some scars on your chest? Guess what, that can decrease you breath, increase you pain and spike the social anxiety about pulling off your shirt. If you are a dude having a transgender experience, we have a tutorial for ya. If you are not that guy, pass it along to someone who is. I need some testers to give me feedback, so its priced at the 5 dolla no holla, soon to be $25. Give a click to find out more

Dancing for Birth

Another tool of badassery

Another tool of badassery is Dancing for Birth, and you can attend it for freeeeeee in the Houston area at my fav fitness studio NiaMoves.       What is so awesome about a Dancing for Birth Class? Think hours shaved off of your labor due to better baby positioning, less pain, more awesome and more joy. Oh wait, and way more overall birth satisfaction. That’s big, right?! That is the potential with this type of education. Oh yeah, and postpartum fitness. That you can do with the baby. Yuppers. So get more deets right here. Last and first of all, if you need me book in here. Big love, Rowan
Rowan in the Press

P.S.: Did you see me in the paper this week?


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