So a Cowboy Hat Doula & a Set of Twins….

Wanna see a Rock Star? This woman here had her some twins, vaginally.

Welcome Emma and Peter.

This picture was taken at 2 days old by a NICU Transition nurse when babies were reunited for the first time since birth. Peter had needed a little extra support, but he’s all fine and home with family now. I had decided to rock the burning man look while taking the metro train in to deliver Sandra her placenta truffles, and then ended up staying to help with the discharge dance. My pit hair only slightly freaked out all the med center professionals. So I’m seeing that Mims was right.

Hi I’m Mims, and I’ll stand in a swamp while preggers, no worries.

Mim’s told me that I am the Weirdo Doula. I am a little bit out there (although I clean up well for hospital doula work with my new magic pants), but more importantly I am a good fit for those who aren’t quite mainstream. This includes peeps who “keep their weird buttoned up on the inside,” to quote RockStar Sandra. If you think I might be the doula for you and you love you some prenatal massage, come in for a foot massage and let’s see if you like my touch. If that’s a HELL YES, then I can meet whoever else might need to approve me, like a spouse, partner, whomever, and we can go from there. Someone way smarter than me said that we should spend more time planning our births than a wedding, but same as a wedding the photos will document who was there. So make sure whomever is on your birth team feels like family, a heart centered connection. Like this:
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Love to you all, Rowan P.S.: Book Here P.P.S.: Menopause Monthly right here

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