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I had a fun chat with a woman that I ADORE today. She wanted to give us (me and The C.MiH) an update on how her body is after she’s been doing her scar therapy. She came in to see me, and between myself and a massage therapist at Ten Thousand Waves that taught her fascia massage for stretch mark prevention, she has a nice skill set for self-healing. “First, I wanna say that I showed Dr. Bobo and she was amazed. Look, look here, it’s so different, right?” These things, she reported, were doing great: Low Back Pain (that she developed postpartum) ~ is decreasing. “Like, the sciatica has been killing me, especially around my period. But the massage, especially going up and down, has really broken it up.” Skin Texture ~ is “changing, it’s really good, here, feel it.” And I did, it’s like buttah. Poo Cycle ~ “When it starts to feel off, I just do a castor oil pack. That gets me fixed up, and let me tell you, since my daughter’s birth, it has been whack. So those castor oil packs have helped me, yes.” Struggle points that I’m gonna research are: Period Cycle ~ “I used to be all lunar, and I feel like my C-Section is pushing me to ….” I think the word that she’s not saying here is “Menopause.” The Bearded Clam ~ “My love hair is all sparse, I’m just rocking the bearded clam, I think its from the anesthesia.” This was confirmed by my hair stylist hubs, who says that anesthesia definitely affects the hair on your head. So it’s not surprising that other hair areas are affected, areas that maybe we don’t share about quite so freely, right? So I’ll see what I can find out. So those are points I’m working into the re-write of the ebook Scars: Healing You(r) BellyLet me know if there is something else you want in there. Shoot me an email or comment here. And, of course, this is why Labor Whispering is important anyway, so we can cut down on how many scar therapy sessions are needed (thanks loves for the contributions!). I love ya, xo, Rowan P.S.: Placenta Tuesday right here. P.P.S.: Book yourself in.