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How’d you like to have this guy at your birth?  http://youtu.be/RvV3nn_de2k One foot on the brake, one foot on the gas;  a perfect metaphor for trying to birth with anxiety. So we gotta take the foot off the brakes. Birth Brakes = Anxiety Let’s think about this for a minute, the more gas you give, the harder you push on the brake. What happens then? Nothing. A big nothing. Not even 55.   We gotta take a foot off the brake. And just to review ya, anxiety is one of the top three reasons a baby goes “overdue.” Anxiety eats birth hormones. And it doesn’t really matter who has the jitters, ’cause that energy is in the room, in your head, in your world. So, AT ALL COSTS you gotta get that out and gone and away from you. Gone. Here is the science of it as explained by Michel Odent. “In order to give birth, women must feel secure without feeling observed, in a warm enough place.” -Michel Odent, French M.D. and water birth pioneer Doula, Urban Curandera, Labor Whispering, Anxiety, Birth Blockers, Sammy Hagar, Labor, How to go into labor, how to start labor So that’s really the first step. Reduce anxiety. Up next week are practical ways to ratchet down the anxiety and up the security. Boom. Look, a cute baby! Awwww, Cairn was born at 12:33am on August 24 weighing 9lbs, and measuring 20 1/4 in long. Planned vbac homebirth that became hospital induction vbac because Mom Christina was 41wks and 5days. And now a word from our sponsor… This week’s sponsor is Labor Enabler, a local rockstar doula by the name of Kathleen Wilson. She’s part of TLC Doula Group, and is currently taking applications for her next doula apprentice. So, tell her I said hello, k? Oh, and we had a bit of a mix-up here at UC headquarters last week which resulted in you receiving a Punk Rock Hoops newsletter (oops, sorry). But some of you liked it, so if you want to keep getting those, you can go here and sign up in that handy form on the right sidebar. XO, Rowan P.S.: This week, I’m offering the Caryn Craig special to all my peeps. 6 sessions for 5 bills. Why? I have light books ’cause I’ve been traveling. Oh, and I miss ya. P.S.2: Here is this week’s #PlacentaTuesday

I have a Plan.   A new Labor Whispering Plan.   And it’s like the fool card in the tarot deck, which actually is like a birth. Starting over, no limits, stepping off a cliff with perfect faith and trust, kinda like this. The plan is to start getting as much Labor Whispering info out there as possible, share my professional protocol and get some birth peeps trained up and out into all necks of the woods.   Sounds good, eh? So it’s free info to apply as you will and, for folks who need more help, get them matched up with a trained LaborWhisperer.   So why do women go overdue? As in, not have the magical onset of labor on or before their due date?   Here are my top three, and I ran it by the Total Labor Care Doula group, other wise known as TLC (Whoot Whoot!), and we are all pretty much on the same page.     Next week I will tell you more on what to do about them, and how to recognize when it’s actually the 4th reason: that something’s up and really needs to be addressed. So more on that next week.   Did you go overdue in a pregnancy? Any 20/20 hindsight on that? Great, leave me a comment here to share your knowledge and spread the word.   Happy Birthday Elowyn! This text just in from Mama Sarah:   “Hey Ro! Wanted to send you a pic of our little Elowyn! She came to meet us on April 29th in a very fast manner! She’s amazing and has filled my heart with more joy than I thought imaginable! Finn (who is 2.5 years old) was present for the whole thing and even held the flashlight for the midwife. Was amazing.”   This week’s newsletter is coming at ya courtesy of* SunBee Circle “where children become inspired to handle difficulties in life by tales of magic and courage.” Sounds good, eh?   XOXOXOXO, Rowan   P.S.: Here is your #PlacentaTuesday. P.P.S.:  Come see me, it’s been too long. Here’s a Happy Mother’s Day offer just for you. *wanna sponsor the newsletter? Sweet, reply for more deets.