I had a fun chat with a woman that I ADORE today. She wanted to give us (me and The C.MiH) an update on how her body is after she’s been doing her scar therapy. She came in to see me, and between myself and a massage therapist at Ten Thousand Waves that taught her fascia massage for stretch mark prevention, she has a nice skill set for self-healing. “First, I wanna say that I showed Dr. Bobo and she was amazed. Look, look here, it’s so different, right?” These things, she reported, were doing great: Low Back Pain (that she developed postpartum) ~ is decreasing. “Like, the sciatica has been killing me, especially around my period. But the massage, especially going up and down, has really broken it up.” Skin Texture ~ is “changing, it’s really good, here, feel it.” And I did, it’s like buttah. Poo Cycle ~ “When it starts to feel off, I just do a castor oil pack. That gets me fixed up, and let me tell you, since my daughter’s birth, it has been whack. So those castor oil packs have helped me, yes.” Struggle points that I’m gonna research are: Period Cycle ~ “I used to be all lunar, and I feel like my C-Section is pushing me to ….” I think the word that she’s not saying here is “Menopause.” The Bearded Clam ~ “My love hair is all sparse, I’m just rocking the bearded clam, I think its from the anesthesia.” This was confirmed by my hair stylist hubs, who says that anesthesia definitely affects the hair on your head. So it’s not surprising that other hair areas are affected, areas that maybe we don’t share about quite so freely, right? So I’ll see what I can find out. So those are points I’m working into the re-write of the ebook Scars: Healing You(r) BellyLet me know if there is something else you want in there. Shoot me an email or comment here. And, of course, this is why Labor Whispering is important anyway, so we can cut down on how many scar therapy sessions are needed (thanks loves for the contributions!). I love ya, xo, Rowan P.S.: Placenta Tuesday right here. P.P.S.: Book yourself in.

Loves, I’m a writing fool right now, four projects on my plate. DIY Journal Couture: Utility Belt is in editing mode (thanks Dr. Lopez!) Prelude to Fertility is back up, ready to help you get preggers right here.  A collection of my grandmothers’ first line interventions to promote fertility and a healthy pregnancy. And let’s say that you or someone you love does require medical fertility support, this info still stands, but instead of getting mama pregnant the tips can help help keep baby comfy in the womb until it’s birth time. More tips, less dinero, and all useful. Like Baby Maeve here, don’t you want all babies to be that happy and comfy? I’m collecting points to cover for Labor Whispering: Mapbook for Mamas, gathering notes from my personal protocol and, just this weekend, I faced a new labor block that I had never ever considered before, and it was a mother freaking doozy. Like, I had to call my seeester Dr. Blythe to get a therapist’s perspective, it was heavy. Funding is going great, just FYI.  Yesterday we hit a cool grand, yay! And in this past week I saw contributions from people I love including my DAD! Even an estranged ex girlfriend donated, so healing for all is happening here.  #thisiswhathealinglookslike Scars tutorial is launched back up, a little rough cause it is my first go round with video tutorials, but im passionate about these fellas getting their healing on. Cleverly named Dudes Supah Fly Chest Guide, get you some here.  Scars: Healing You(r) Belly is in re-write mode. This is where I could use a favor. My question for you, Loves, is this: what needs to be said and addressed for those that experienced a surgical birth? What healed you, what remains to be healed, and what keeps you up at night? Let me in, trust me, tell me what you still need. I’ll do my best to help you get right. All in it together. xoxox, Rowan P.S.: Here is your Placenta Tuesday (yes, I know it’s Wednesday now). P.P.S.: And I have some openings for Saturday, come get your naked on.

Welcome Baby Maya!!! Congratulations to to Tina! She came just two days after her mama attended #HottieHoopCamp! In this video you can see Baby Charly sporting false eyelashes, and 1:40 we see Tiffany’s pregnant belly of goodness. Hooping, bellies, and babies really do go together. It was all good love and fun. Hope you can come next year! Update on Rowan’s Big Shift: The Labor Whispering Campaign is still trucking away. I have so much gratitude to those who have shown me the love. Show me some social media love and give me a FB share or Tweet! I’d love you even more* And you know what? I love me some teaching. It’s really something to help someone become their own best healer, to mentor other healing arts professionals, and to pass along my cumulative wisdom. So, if you were thinking of coming in to see me, lets get that on the books for BEFORE August 13 when I go on my summer break. A whole ‘nother party might be starting around then. Super Love to You, Rowan * just kidding, that’s not really possible. I already think you are the bee’s knees. P.S.: #PlacentaTuesday pic over here.

I just spent the week at #HottieHoopCamp, it was real fun! REALFUN. Like, um did you see what happened to the baby? Use  #hottiehoopcamp in your Instagram or Facebook search bar and watch the goodness flow. #LaborWhispering is also going well, and it’s time for me to get serious jamming on my campaign. This week will find me getting it out there, so if you have a suggestion on who might need to see my awesome project, I’m happy to receive the feedback! So far, I have Ellen in my sights (’cause who watches Ellen? Women, that’s who), getting in front of more #vbac and #Ican folks, and just opening up to see who else needs this goodness. A big thank you to all the peeps that have contributed! Big LOVE, Rowan P.S.: #Placentauesday is a recipe! P.P.S.: Added a new Service offer, Scar Therapy. 

Hey Loves! Did ya know that most postpartum massages include a snack break? Patty and baby Orlando! My indiegogo project, Labor Whispering, is live and cranking! Big love to all my contributors so far, it means the world. Seriously. Iif you have extra buckaroonies and you think I’m a good investment, I’m happy to receive. It’s an investment in something way bigger than me, it’s more an investment in a Mama and family that is having an 11th hour understanding that they have not adequately prepped for a positive or successful birth experience. A way to combat the “Oh hell, im screwed feeling.” I don’t want any woman to feel that way, especially not when pregnant. So, I’m doing what I can, and with your support I can get the message out even further. You can also help by spreading the word. Let others who may be moved to help know about the project. Thank you again. xoxoxooxoxoxox, Rowan P.S.: I’m off to #HottieHoopCamp this week, so I’ll be on the beach hooping and feeling happy. Follow along on Instagram @punkrockhoops if you are the instagraming type.

These are two of my favorite things! THE BIG NEWS: The fundraising project is live, so hop over and scope it out, and see what you think ’cause I’m nervous and excited and already feeling the love. And also, in the news of Rowan’s world #HottieHoopCamp is around the corner, and it occurs to me that you might wanna snag a day pass before they sell out. These are some of the most rad ladies you will ever meet, so if you are feeling it, then come on now! XO, Rowan P.S.: #placentatuesday pic on Instagram, like if you are the placenta type.

Check out this fabulous Tedx talk httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szjuwyJPB8A That got me thinking, and then I saw this cool quote from one of the jillion blogs i read,* “Go where I am wanted, not where I am needed” What I take that to mean is that folks NEED very little: food, clothing, shelter. I think my services can be viewed as both a want, and a need. Folks come to see me that want to feel better in their bodies. Folks also come to see me that want their birth to be an act of empowerment. Which, of course, impacts their family and, through the ripple effect, all of us. So, then I thought about my current project, Labor Whispering; Mapbook for Mamas. Many folks may need this info to scooch up the pyramid, but not all of them want it. And as a community, we lose. A way to flip that script is to get Labor Whispering skills in as many folks’ hands as possible, and see if we can get a trickle down effect. I’ll have that Indiegogo fundraiser up next week, so we can have at it and have a gay ole time fund and momentum raising. Maybe then it won’t seem so daunting to have an empowered birth. All in it together, Rowan & Mr.Cups P.S.: Here is your #placentatuesday pic!

What up my birthy peeps? You know its #PlacentaTuesday, right? Help me out? I’m making a massive birth Playlist, so when it’s time you can Dance for Birth, Labor Groove, and have yourself a baby. Can I get a little help from my friends? What worked for you? What didn’t? What songs are you going to use? Leave a link or suggestion (PUHLEASE) over here. Thats where I’m stockpiling the suggestions. XO, I love ya, Rowan Need me?

Hey Loves ~ It’s Placenta Tuesday! placenta, birth, doula Labor Whispering: Mapbook for Mamas And Director Laine came over yesterday, and we started going over all the video pieces. The good news is that I will never leave you to become an actor! labor whispering, doula, birth We really are a cheerful lot, I don’t know why we looked so glum there. And I wanna say A SUPER BIG THANK YOU to all the folks who showed up, all the folks who sent the love, and all the folks who sent encouraging texts and emails, and all the folks who are on me to get the indigogo site up so they can donate. I love you all, so much. Thank you, Rowan labor whispering, doula, birth

1) As your uterus heals, you might have some yellow goodgy stuff (no smell) discharging after a couple of weeks, don’t panic. Here is the 411. This is called lochia. Anecdotally, when you get to yellow, that is the last hurrah of healing the spot where the placenta was attached to the uterus, and it should smell mildly like a period (if at all).  If it smells like an infection, see your health care provider. “Uh thanks Rowan, If you had told me that earlier it would of saved me a trip to the gyno.” 2) 4 years ago, I was a pretty good massage therapist with an excellent website for selling massage therapy. Then, I went to this woman’s Rich Happy and Hot Business School. Now, I am a fucking fantastic prenatal massage therapist, advocate in self belly and scar healing, and Labor Whisperer.     And Last Saturday night, I recorded a video for my Labor Whispering MapBook for Mamas, so that I can help women everywhere work through their labor blocks and get the support they need.   So, if you are thinking about RADICALLY upping your entrepreneurial game, go to B-School. I’ll be in there with you (year 4!), and if you decide to use my affiliate link. I’ll be your extra special buddy. Not that I wouldn’t be already, but you know how I like to roll. Determined.*   Blythe, Alejandra and Hotlanta are in there with me this year, it would be cool if you were too.   See? we a fun crowd. XO, Rowan P.S.: Deets about Labor Whisperer: a Mapbook for Mamas are coming at ya next week. P.P.S.: A big super love to all my peeps that came to support. I am the luckiest.   *Shoot me an email to discuss our buddyship. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to grow and be awesome together.