Hey Loves, Got this from a much loved and hilarious client the other day and then this and then this. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH! So I just wanted to mention that IUD checks, MIA tampon retrieval, and  Broad City situations (@1:24) are outside my massage therapy scope of practice, but within my scope of my friendly curandera practice. So, if you need help fishing something out or a series of helpful texts, no problem we got this.     Why? ’cause I’m your girl #offthemenuservices   Here’s your  cute baby pic of the week, baby Alessandro. Que bello! IMG_6569


Did ya think of something else I could help with? Great, write it in the comments below or shoot me back an email. Either way, I love ya. xoxoox, Rowan P.S.: Book Here  P.P.S.: Placenta Tuesday 

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