Two Things I Wanna Tell Ya

1) As your uterus heals, you might have some yellow goodgy stuff (no smell) discharging after a couple of weeks, don’t panic. Here is the 411. This is called lochia. Anecdotally, when you get to yellow, that is the last hurrah of healing the spot where the placenta was attached to the uterus, and it should smell mildly like a period (if at all).  If it smells like an infection, see your health care provider. “Uh thanks Rowan, If you had told me that earlier it would of saved me a trip to the gyno.” 2) 4 years ago, I was a pretty good massage therapist with an excellent website for selling massage therapy. Then, I went to this woman’s Rich Happy and Hot Business School. Now, I am a fucking fantastic prenatal massage therapist, advocate in self belly and scar healing, and Labor Whisperer.     And Last Saturday night, I recorded a video for my Labor Whispering MapBook for Mamas, so that I can help women everywhere work through their labor blocks and get the support they need.   So, if you are thinking about RADICALLY upping your entrepreneurial game, go to B-School. I’ll be in there with you (year 4!), and if you decide to use my affiliate link. I’ll be your extra special buddy. Not that I wouldn’t be already, but you know how I like to roll. Determined.*   Blythe, Alejandra and Hotlanta are in there with me this year, it would be cool if you were too.   See? we a fun crowd. XO, Rowan P.S.: Deets about Labor Whisperer: a Mapbook for Mamas are coming at ya next week. P.P.S.: A big super love to all my peeps that came to support. I am the luckiest.   *Shoot me an email to discuss our buddyship. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to grow and be awesome together.

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