What the F&%Ck is a Doula?

Loves, I’ve been busy. The cold front really brought in the babies. Friday night was Baby Orlando with Patty and Bob Doula cord cutting Sunday morning (early) enter Baby Ariadne with Lillie and Victor My hope is that their families are stronger for having me there to support their birth, and both were home births, BTW. Shout out to Houston area midwives, whoot whoot! And I’m seeing that I love this doula action. LOOOOOVE. Like to the max. This (hilarious) post pretty much sums up perfectly what a doula does, and how they can help a birth go better. “What the Fuck is a Doula?!” Read this, it’s awesome. So I’m going to be doing more of it. Know someone who you think might need me? Send them this newsletter. And guess whose been going with me to postpartum visits? My own goddess daughter, The Amazing Rose. Thats us in matching “Believe in Love” sweaters, totally unplanned. Big love for you this holiday season, big love for those sweet babies, and much gratitude for all being on this journey together. Smoocharoo, Rowan P.S.: If you need me I’m right here. P.P.S.: Know someone else who needs me? Gift’em. Massage or Doula.

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