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Here's how a lawyer summed up 45's Executive Order:

Trump has indicated that he will be signing an Executive Order today to stop separating families when they initially cross the border. While this is movement in the right direction, DO NOT BE FOOLED by what this Order does. Here are the facts thus far:
1. Families will not be immediately separated, but they will be held in detention together.
2. Crossing the border “illegally” will no longer be deemed a civil violation, it will be deemed a criminal violation.
3. Because it is a criminal violation the parents will be charged criminally. At that point, their children will be forcibly taken.
4. The Executive Order will provide a provision that families will be expedited through the criminal process. This means that the removal of their children will be expedited.
There is still a need for the Tent Cities. There will still be Tender Age Facilities. This serves as optics for Trump to claim he is not ripping families apart. He is. The GOP are. They are just hiding in in the fine print.
Understand this is a result of the pressure we and others have exerted. WE made this change. But this is not the solution. He anticipates this will temper our moral outrage. Do not let it. This is not close to enough. This is not a victory for those families crossing the border.
No Justice, No Peace.
Please share everywhere.
~ Ryan Berg
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12 months ago

Heads up, liars be lying.The Supreme Court hears this case today: NIFLA v. Becerra. Crisis pregnancy centers want the "right" to continue lying to pregnant people, and misleading the public about their ability to provide actual medical services via religious organizations that are disguised as medical clinics. According to anti-woman/anti-choice Junior Congressman Mike Johnson, local "crisis pregnancy centers" include CPC Shreveport, Northwest Louisiana Pregnancy Care Center, Mary's House Pregnancy Care Center, Community Pregnancy Center - CPC Deridder, New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center and Cenla Pregnancy Center. Ruston's CPC, Life Choices of North Central Louisiana, lies by claiming to be able to predict a miscarriage! From their website: "Even if you have a positive pregnancy test, many pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. An ultrasound will help determine if your pregnancy is viable or if you’re going to miscarry." (Source: Regardless of the SCOTUS decision today, please contact your state representatives here in Louisiana and encourage them to STOP funding CPC's with your tax dollars. Support safe, legal abortion care for pregnant people who need it - and help stop the dangerous, life-threatening practices of Louisiana's "crisis pregnancy centers." #EndTheLies #CPCsLie ... See MoreSee Less

1 years ago

Heads up, liars be lying.

What a powerful video, I really learned. Give it a watch if this is a soft area in you knowledge dept. #lovinggeneration

The Loving Generation
“I was a black kid with a white mom.” —Melissa Harris-Perry
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1 years ago

KHOU 11 News
SCHOOL WALKOUT: While most of Houston is on spring break this week, students at other schools across the nation hope to make statement about gun violence with a school walkout. (This is a live, raw look from CBS NEWS in Parkland, Florida.) READ MORE:
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1 years ago

I'm down. (see what did there?)

New Scientist
Instead of fancy coffins and tombstones, make nature your legacy with a conservation burial
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1 years ago


More people should know the real history of Kwanzaa, the holiday that reminds us that black lives matter.
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1 years ago


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Thanks for sharing Rowan!

Kwanzaa was made up by a university professor. Go volunteer with some refugees if you want to learn about African heritage!

Better get to it then!“Saturn is leaving Sagittarius and moving into Capricorn today. Things that may have been otherwise will now become reality. The time for talking and thinking is over. Now is the time to do.” ... See MoreSee Less

1 years ago

Better get to it then!
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