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How to Heal Your Scars

Scars can really shift your health, from decreased range of motion of a limb to constricting bowel function, they are large and in charge. The good news is that they are uncomplicated to heal, especially with a little guidance and perseverance.

First let’s figure out if you even like me. Watch the intro video, and see if I feel like a fit.


  • Learn how scars form (in layman’s terms) and why they are a hazard
  • Assess! Form a baseline of your body’s terrain. This is an important first step, especially for all my C-Section mamas out there.
  • Next I will get you introduced to powerful tools of healing that you may already own
  • Practical application, learn the process of applying these tools to get your heal on.

Videos are the primary teaching medium, with an occasional handout. Discussions and questions are invited.

 This course is for people who are interested in self healing, scar reduction, and making a difference in how their bodies function.

Table of Contents


    • First Things First
      How about a little quiz to test your scar knowledge?
    • Why I’m the Woman to Teach You
      what’s that again?
    • How Your Life Will Be Better after this Course.
      You can expect more range of motion, less tension, and more EASE.

What the Big Deal Anyway?

    • What Kinda Scars We Talking About?
      Scar clarifier, ’cause not all scars are created equal.
    • Why This Shiz Matters.
      References and Citations

How the Healing Happens

    • Document Your Progress
      Pictures of yo selfie.
    • How Scars Form, The Unscientific Explanation
      I’m not a doctor, or a scientist, or an engineer, so this is pretty right brain over here.
    • Easy as a Child’s Toy
      Seriously, like would I joke ya?

Healing Protocol: How the Healing Journey Plays Out

    • Start Where You Are
      It’s ok that you didn’t start twenty days, weeks, or years ago. We are here now.
    • Setting Up a Sacred Healing Space
      Setting the tone for healing
    • Just Touch It.
      Warm up those mitts, it’s touching time in Texas (or wherever you are)
    • Healing Tools; The 411
      Less than 50 bucks, and you may already have most of these in your home.
    • Castor Oil, Who is it NOT for?
      I 100% need you to read this.
    • Putting the Process Together
      It’s not hard, seriously.

Special Populations

    • Laparoscopic Surgeries, ex Weightloss and Ports
    • C Sections & Surgical Births
      Your Birth Matters.
    • Trans* Chest Surgery
    • Ostomies, now what?
    • Scars from Burns, with a Side Convo about Chronic Pain
    • Let’s Talk Breasts!
    • Heart and Chest Surgery
    • Cancer, and Scars from Treatments
    • Birth Trauma and Perineal tears

Last Thoughts

    • I Believe in You, You are Your Own Best Healer.
      A pep talk.
    • When is it Time to Stop?
      How to know when the party’s over.
    • Let’s Stay Together, Shall We?
      Awe now, we aren’t breaking up, are we?!!!!
    • Value of Community in Healing Challenges
      Birds of a feather….
    • Thank You
      Love, gratitude and a request.

Texas Massage CEU

  • How to get a 3 hour Texas Massage CEU
    in three easy steps!
  • Massage CEU Quiz
    Ready Set GO!

    Im not kidding when i said your course has changed my world. 27 years i didn’t touch my surgical birth scar, 27 years. like wow. and today i feel like i am connected to my soul again. Your course is magic, I’m telling you it changes lives, it should be out there –

    -Karen Demmery

    Can’t wait for my surgeon to see it at my next appt. I really can’t wait to share with others. I just gave a friend your info yesterday. I didn’t do it on my own. I followed your teaching and had faith, but NEVER did I expect such a fabulous result!!

    -Wanda Gentry

    As a Doula and a Massage therapist I am always looking for new tools and techniques to offer my clients. When I learned that Rowan was offering this course I jumped at the opportunity to learn. The simple,affordable, tangible way she offers clients to take the power of healing into their own hands is phenomenal. Shes is knowledgable, relatable and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your magic Rowan.

    -Erin Young

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