HoopingYou wanna know why I started to hoop?

To heal a broken heart.

And it did. I did. We did it together.

I invite all folks to come hoop with me – beginner , advanced, and even the I-can’t-keep-it-up newbie.

It’s all going to be fun fun fun.

Hooping Heals.

See all those different shapes of bodies? (That’s me in the black.)

I’d love for you to join me.

Hooping Details right over here……at Punk Rock Hoops

Best place to buy hoops in Houston? Punk Rock Hoops at The Discovery Green Flea By Night!

(Electra didn't really like that.)

(Electra didn’t really like that.)

Tarot People, we are PUMPED!!!!

Fresh back from the readers studio where we met some awesome peeps, learned bunches, and are ready to share and grow our knowledge! SO if you wanna come to class early and practice your layouts and spreads, we have new goodies to play with!

The PLAN: We are going to study one card at a time!

First up is some intuition development, seeing what the card says to us personally with colors, folks on the card. the way their bodies are positioned etc, and then we will talk about what the traditional meanings are for the Rider Waite deck.

From there we will shred up some magazines for a collage fest as we create our own card with our own personal meanings and significance. Its also cool to cheat and put a few words on in or on the back of your card before we laminate that baby.

CollageBring your favorite deck or two, and for sure no experience necessary cause mostly we are wanting to have fun, hang with like minded people and get to know ourselves a little bit better through art.

Class is $13
It’s on Saturday nights from 5-7pm.

Interested, shoot me an email…this event is invite only. (cool huh!?!)


ps we are using Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack if you wanna get that FormalTarot Wisdom

Embroidery for AllNO MORE WHINING! “But I don’t know how….like what would i use that for…..thats old time grandma stuffff…I dont have time…” You know what? Yes you do, and you can do all sorts of cool ass shit that helps calm your mind, rest your body and makes your home, clothing and life look like works of art, not to mention #bestgiftsever

You will leave with a beginning embroidery kit, a completed basic project, and a start on a new project.

3 hours, $50, 8 peeps.
Next Class is: TBD, sooonly.

Contact me to send payment via the magical PayPal. This is how I know you are for serious.

Bring a snack to share. Stitchers get hungry, yo.