Oh tarot, you know I love you.

It probably loves me back.

The AcesI’ve been reading cards for about twenty years, most of those years professionally.

Two choices: I can read for you, either in person or online. Use the “Book Now”/get read by Rowan link to make it happen.

Choice 2) I can teach you how to read your own self. The Friday Night Witches and Bitches club meets at Texas Art Asylum right here in Houston, it’s an ongoing start-where-you-are type of class. That rules.

There is hit talking, self expression, & lots of learning. It’s AWESOME.

3rd option (it’s not finished yet, so that’s why I didn’t mention it before)  a self study online course for Tarot Creatives. I’ll get that to ya next Halloween, 2014!

So let’s get to reading!