‘Cause really the worst (and funniest) response I’ve ever heard to the question, “Do you have a birth plan?” was “I’m planning to have a God damned baby, why do you think I’m here?!”

Best Massage Doula EVER  Package~ $1900

Includes one prenatal visit so we can get to know each other, your partner can meet me, and we review the birth plan, and then:

1. Prenatal Massage session

1. Labor Whisperer massage session (where we get your pelvis muscles loose and juicy, energy blockages cleared, and the labor ball rolling)

1. Postpartum Session to help reset your body chemistry, check on your belly and take care of any sore new mommy muscles.

Unlimited hours of labor support, and massage massage massage during your labor. Let’s do our best to provide You and Your family the birth you desire. Please review the Doula Contract to learn more.

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** some clever doula that is not me first came up with this analogy.