Hellooooo Love,

The embroidery workshop went well, but you were missed.

And I got an excellent freaking review about how Mayan Abdominal massage helped GERD which I hadn’t really considered as something that could be helped by this modality but dude for reals this is awesome. “The night of the massage, I rested and ate light. I expected this to be a process that might take many weeks; but I woke the next morning hungry for the first time in a year! The next week, I continued to improve, but was again in distress when I saw her for the second time three weeks later. Now also armed with self-care instructions provided by Rowan, I had even better and longer lasting results, and began to notice a significant improvement in my stomach symptoms. At the third session it became very obvious to me that these massage techniques may help common gastro-intestinal problems such as irregularity and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as GERD, heartburn and bloating. I am now becoming comfortable with the self-care, and appreciate that Rowan’s goal is to teach me how to continue the benefits on my own.” Wanna read more? And those of you who have been in to see me recently know that my hula hoop situation is out of control, mostly ’cause I’m gearing up for #HottieHoopCamp  so lets all agree to just have a soft eye at the supplies that will start accumulating for this event, like my new GLORIOUS CANNER!!!  

After that all I can say is that I love you, and I am your biggest fan. xoxoxo, Rowan P.S. Shoot me a note, hit reply. I SUPER FLY LOVED all the notes I got last week. Seriously, so much is going on! P.P.S. I want to feel your desire. Consider, please, attending the Desire Map workshop.  

Wanna get into Trouble Together?

Great, Me too!

This Sunday I’m having a Banging Beginning Embroidery Bootcamp pretty much for sure gonna be  full of  fun and shenanigans.

How about a fat (or not) butt yoga DVD release party?

I started learning Heavyweight yoga over the holidays, and it has been magical in that 1) I don’t cry and hate on myself during the routine and 2) it is wildly helpful for low back pain that I occasionally have. And I’m doing this upstairs in my bedroom with Electra via the magic of the DVD. 25 minutes, yoga for all bodies.

So come on out to the Yoga partayyyyyyyyy and pick up a life changing (chill enough for most preggers peeps, also pretty perfect for postpartum) DVD. Feb 8th, NiaMoves, 6:30pm. Got an adaptive yoga question? Great, bring that too.


Third option for you party people is my DesireMap Workshop.


This is for my peeps who want some major clarity. Like, what if every decision you ever have to make, for the rest of your life, was… easy? What if clarity (about your job, your health, your marriage) came rushing in like flood waters? THAT is what happened to me, when I figured out my core desired feelings. I’d like to help you uncover yours. Join me? See you SOON! xoxoxooxox Rowan ps I miss you, how ya been? Just hit reply and send me a little note.

Albus Dumbledore has a bunch going on until, well, you know. But, before that, he used a neato thing called a pensieve.

Me and Albus, we tight, and we the same in that we have a bunch going on in the noodle at all times. ALL times. All TIMES. Feeling me on this one? And with all the crap that rolls around in my head, I can say what has helped me keep this head together is my journal.

I started when I was 15 years old, and a photographer that came and spoke to my El Paso High School English class said she always carried two things in her bag besides the normal pursy type stuff. Camera, and Journal. Duly noted. So, since I’ve been 15, I’ve been writing, glueing, markering and documenting whats in my head. Almost daily some years, only in times of complete fucking crisis in others. I’d say today it’s almost every other day. And today my perfect journal looks like this on the outside.

The quote says “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” -anon Any other somewhat daily writers out there? How often are ya writing? tell me whats up in the comments. XO, Rowan

18 Tricks & Tips to get Preggers (Besides the obvious! Can’t help you with that.) 25 years of notes from my grandmothers’, senior midwives and my own client successes, at your service to get a bun in your oven. Years, people, years of having an ear out for the quirky stuff, the old wives tales, the “hmmmm, that worked?” for folks struggling with fertility.

Prelude to Fertility, My Grandmothers’ Wisdom – $5

  • Hands Off  ~ Let’s take a look at common sense items like nutrition, and not so common ideas like what kind of knickers to sport to promote fertility.
  • Hands On ~ I’ll teach you places on your body to massage, reflex, and push that promote a healthy, fertile belly.
  • Body Influencing ~ Ways you probably never ever thought of to get your body primed and juicy. (My grandmothers, yowza, they are all about the doozies, the old school tried and true. Things we forget with our more modern medical world.)

You know what I want for you? A better relationship with your body, and lots of ways to promote a healthy, happy belly, including a daily belly mini massage routine! Best case scenario, you get a baby bump. Worst case scenario, you have learned a bunch about your body, your partner, and can be comforted that you’ve tried darn near everything that was crunchy and non medical. I’m voting for the bump.

You know me, always learning. And then wanting to turn around and teach you too. Thats the kinda girl I am, wanting us all to learn, grow, get more better, more awesome(er). I wont quit my day job to become an English teacher with a grammar specialty, but I can teach you how to heal yourself. Massage, Tarot, Reiki, birth, business, chickens, fermenting and hooping. Bet you hadn’t put all of those on your healing protocol. Online or in Houston, I gotcha. Feeling game?


You wanna know why I started to hoop?

To heal a broken heart. And it did. I did. We did it together. I invite all folks to come hoop with me – beginner , advanced, and even the I-can’t-keep-it-up newbie. It’s all going to be fun fun fun. Hooping Heals. See all those different shapes of bodies? (That’s me in the black.) I’d love for you to join me. Hooping Details right over here……at  Punk Rock Hoops Best place to buy hoops in Houston? NiaMoves

Know what would be totally rad?   If you had a guide to healing your belly, post surgical birth. After the C-section. This is important. Scars, internally, can jack up your intestinal tracts, tacking your bladder in weird spots, leaning you towards incontinence. Digestion may also be affected if adhesions (internal scar tissue) start pulling to and fro, upsetting the balance and tone.

Visually, they can be upsetting and change the shape of your belly to a muffin top poochy business, even if you are not a muffin top type of lady. Rowan to the rescue! I’m typing as fast as my little fingers (ok, big fingers) can go. I’ll have a digital guide to healing soon. Get on my mailing list, and you will be the first to know when it’s out. Me. You. Healing. Its totally doable. Talk soon, K?