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Healing thrives within you & I can help you find yourself.

This is me. 20+ years of massagin‘ & masterin’ the magic of inner self.

Learn with me. Education offered both online & in-person in classrooms and events.


We’re LIVE at the official Doug Jones watch party in Alabama and the people are going wild after the Democrat pulled off an upset against opponent Roy Moore.
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3 days ago

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7 days ago

You got that right.

Um hello, come talk to me about making mom friends.

4th Trimester Postpartum Support Group, It's the Tits!Nov 1, 11:00amYour HouseTopic: Making Some Mom Friends, Where ya Beezies at?

Postpartum can be rough and isolating AF. Get in here and jump on and let's chat and connect and figure out how to be real and there.

Starting where we are!

Set your ical/googe cal/whatever to give you a reminder ten minutes before the event cause Zoom meetings don’t send you a reminder.

New link click click click!

Our Rules of Engagment:
Purpose: to decrease isolation, share feelings and in general whats UP.

* Be kind
* Support, over solutions (limiting crosstalk)
* Succinct (no bogarting)
* If a moderator interrupts you don’t take it personally
* One person talks at a time, speaking stick style
* Disclaimer: peer support not paid psychotherapy
* Not prescribing or diagnosing
* Reminder, because this is a public forum be mindful if you are breast feeding, have culturally/religious needs ex covered hair, in a lawsuit or dangerous sitch.

* This will be recorded and put onto youtube for middle of the night support needs
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4th Trimester Postpartum Support Group, Its the Tits!

1 month ago

seriously. #imlookingatyouRBNot a dayum thing! ✨✨

I am no longer a slave to my sexual energy, but a Master of it. From my mind, heart, and Stargate (womb/yoni), I release all programs of the patriarchy. I reclaim my Stargate and my sexual/sensual/creative power 🙌🏾

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3 months ago

seriously. #imlookingatyouRB


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