Rowan is not only amazing at massage, but she is an incredible human being. She offers practical advice for many different and relevant areas of life and her interpersonal style makes me at ease. I really appreciate that she is sensitive to all sorts of bodies including transgender bodies, as it is not easy to find a massage therapist who has her level of knowledge, skills, and sensitivity.

– Customer since February 2012


Rowan is totally amazing. She has an incredible presence, takes the time to understand where you’re coming from and what you need. She is truly gifted.

– Customer since March 2012

Lil Pea loved it

I am 8 months pregnant and was recommended to use Urban Curandera by my doula. I was not having any issues, just the usual pregnancy discomfort. Rowan worked her magic on me! She is so knowledgeable about the pregnant body and has such a calming presence. Being in her company had this effect of making me feel even more empowered as a pregnant woman, as the woman who is going to bring my baby Lil Pea into this world. Rowan rocked!

– Customer since March 2012

I feeeeeel great!

Rowan is da bomb! Her high knowledge and intuitive skill set makes her a Curandera Rock Star. My body feels great!

– Customer since November 2010

Best Massage Ever !!

I recently purchased a prenatal massage for my wife. I accompanied her to the massage where we were greeted by THE GREAT Rowan. Not only did my wife receive the best massage ever (her words),questions were answered that were never answered by doctors.Not only will we be returning to Rowan but we will be referring EVERY person we know to Rowan to work the kinks out from now on.

– Customer since April 2012


As always. Urban Curandera Rowan always seems to know exactly what the body is needing to promote healing.

– Customer since May 2011

Best Massage Ever!

It is truly a blessing to have care and concern via the bodywork she offers. My chronic pain is always made easier to endure due to Rowan’s compassion and positive energy.

– Customer since May 2012

Truely a wonderful therapist

I love going to see Rowan. She offers fantastic services. I have been seeing her for prenatal massages. Not only does she provide a relaxing atmosphere and a fantastic massage, but she provides little tid bits of advice and knowledge that go beyond the typical massage therapist. I look forward to my visit with her everytime I go and would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable prenatal massage therapist and healer.

– Customer since January 2012

First Visit

This was my first visit to see Rowan! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the visit, but I felt comfortable and welcome from the moment that I stepped in the door! Through the session Rowan helped me feel heard, cared or, and focused on as she took the time to get to know me and empathize with my experience. I left feeling refreshed from the massage and uplifted by our insightful dialogue. I will definitely return as part of my path towards healing, wholeness, and conception. Thank you, Rowan!

– Customer since July 2012

Rowan has been a wonderful pillar for me as she brings my body and mind through the healing process. I always leave her in a better place than when I entered.

– Customer since December 2010