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Well, that was scary as shit.

My #WCW Karen Waldrond was caught in the waters, like super close to my house. Sorry I couldn’t come to the rescue, Karen, I was all busy being caught in the East End. And seriously, the only reason I had made it that far was because I had just seen Mad Max, so that and my latent EMS driving skills had me slinging my dog bus all over the road. Thank you Furiosa! AAAAND, Here is pretty much the funniest flooding post I may have ever seen from a former student now friend. #GAWD

and the workshop schedule is banging right along. Need to learn about Labor Whispering? No probs. https://laborwhispering.eventbrite.com Need to learn how to give a prenatal massage that doesn’t suck? No problem. Getting your shiz together and making decisions on the super easy? no prob. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-desire-map-workshop-tickets-15424125976 We got this. Lets all keep breathing.