Scars can really shift your health, from decreased range of motion of a limb to constricting bowel function, they are large and in charge. The good news is that they are uncomplicated to heal, especially with a little guidance and perseverance.

First let’s figure out if you even like me. Watch the intro video, and see if I feel like a fit.


  • Learn how scars form (in layman’s terms) and why they are a hazard
  • Assess! Form a baseline of your body’s terrain. This is an important first step, especially for all my C-Section mamas out there.
  • Next I will get you introduced to powerful tools of healing that you may already own
  • Practical application, learn the process of applying these tools to get your heal on.

Videos are the primary teaching medium, with an occasional handout. Discussions and questions are invited.

 This course is for people who are interested in self healing, scar reduction, and making a difference in how their bodies function.

Table of Contents


    • First Things First
      How about a little quiz to test your scar knowledge?
    • Why I’m the Woman to Teach You
      what’s that again?
    • How Your Life Will Be Better after this Course.
      You can expect more range of motion, less tension, and more EASE.

What the Big Deal Anyway?

    • What Kinda Scars We Talking About?
      Scar clarifier, ’cause not all scars are created equal.
    • Why This Shiz Matters.
      References and Citations

How the Healing Happens

    • Document Your Progress
      Pictures of yo selfie.
    • How Scars Form, The Unscientific Explanation
      I’m not a doctor, or a scientist, or an engineer, so this is pretty right brain over here.
    • Easy as a Child’s Toy
      Seriously, like would I joke ya?

Healing Protocol: How the Healing Journey Plays Out

    • Start Where You Are
      It’s ok that you didn’t start twenty days, weeks, or years ago. We are here now.
    • Setting Up a Sacred Healing Space
      Setting the tone for healing
    • Just Touch It.
      Warm up those mitts, it’s touching time in Texas (or wherever you are)
    • Healing Tools; The 411
      Less than 50 bucks, and you may already have most of these in your home.
    • Castor Oil, Who is it NOT for?
      I 100% need you to read this.
    • Putting the Process Together
      It’s not hard, seriously.

Special Populations

    • Laparoscopic Surgeries, ex Weightloss and Ports
    • C Sections & Surgical Births
      Your Birth Matters.
    • Trans* Chest Surgery
    • Ostomies, now what?
    • Scars from Burns, with a Side Convo about Chronic Pain
    • Let’s Talk Breasts!
    • Heart and Chest Surgery
    • Cancer, and Scars from Treatments
    • Birth Trauma and Perineal tears

Last Thoughts

    • I Believe in You, You are Your Own Best Healer.
      A pep talk.
    • When is it Time to Stop?
      How to know when the party’s over.
    • Let’s Stay Together, Shall We?
      Awe now, we aren’t breaking up, are we?!!!!
    • Value of Community in Healing Challenges
      Birds of a feather….
    • Thank You
      Love, gratitude and a request.

Texas Massage CEU

  • How to get a 3 hour Texas Massage CEU
    in three easy steps!
  • Massage CEU Quiz
    Ready Set GO!

    Im not kidding when i said your course has changed my world. 27 years i didn’t touch my surgical birth scar, 27 years. like wow. and today i feel like i am connected to my soul again. Your course is magic, I’m telling you it changes lives, it should be out there –

    -Karen Demmery

    Can’t wait for my surgeon to see it at my next appt. I really can’t wait to share with others. I just gave a friend your info yesterday. I didn’t do it on my own. I followed your teaching and had faith, but NEVER did I expect such a fabulous result!!

    -Wanda Gentry

    As a Doula and a Massage therapist I am always looking for new tools and techniques to offer my clients. When I learned that Rowan was offering this course I jumped at the opportunity to learn. The simple,affordable, tangible way she offers clients to take the power of healing into their own hands is phenomenal. Shes is knowledgable, relatable and entertaining. Thanks for sharing your magic Rowan.

    -Erin Young


Your dick isn’t just a dick. It’s your Pride.

You aren’t incapable.

…or even deformed

You’re just scarred – with a scarred dick to match.

Whether you’re saying hello to a pretty lady, spending time with your guys, networking on the job, the secret to self confidence?

Dude, it’s your dick.

Sure, you’ve managed to get your mingle on.

You’ve had (mostly) successful romantic encounters.

And maybe even knocked it out of the park a time or two.

But there’s one little problem:

You’ve got insecurity riding around in your pants cause

Your power wand isn’t confident.

Confidence you’ve worked seriously hard to attain.

Confidence that doesn’t just define your dating life,

But who you are.

And while being scarred up isn’t the worst thing ever,

It doesn’t reflect you,

The man that you are.

Introducing frankenpenis to fucking awesome: A self care online DIY course for dudes who have scars on one of their most prized possessions. Scars that resulted from a sports (or cup injury) or climbing trees as a kid, combat, sexual unhealing, motorcycle or car accident or even circumcision, these can be massively reduced.

This doesn’t make your peen just look better, it performs better. And that makes you FEEL (as in receive sensation) better. You feel me now?

This is about your confidence.

Confidence that you can deliver, confidence that you can exceed past performances, confidence that when it’s go time, you have what it takes to bring the party.

That place?

Isn’t your snazzy car (you’re compensating.) Isn’t an overpowering attitude. Isn’t money, fame, fortune.

It’s in your pants.

This is where I can help.

I wrote a course about healing scars after years and years of helping folks recover from surgery, and one day a light bulb when off. What happens when a man who had been embarrassed about a dick that doesn’t perform well gets the simple as fuck training to heal his own scars?

So if you:

  • hook to the left
  • hook to the right,
  • have a tight hood that restricts your blood flow
  • scars that cause tears with friction,
  • a penis that needs days to recover from sex,
  • a scar bridge,
  • a tight band mid shaft that constricts,
  • urethral stricture,
  • a dribble thats hard to control,
  • have lost part of your dick to combat or trauma,
  • have ever said the words “I have a franken penis”

this course is for you.

Look, I don’t know you, I don’t know what’s south of the belt, but I know when I’m in the presence of a confidant dude. I can FEEL it. And I bet I’m not the only one.

I want for you:

  • No wet spots on the front of your pants
  • No more standing at an odd angle to pee so you don’t miss,
  • Decreased sexual injuries (with those awful and painful healing times)
  • No hesitation initiating romance
  • A strong erection that doesn’t take a pill
  • Or even worse stop being a complete arrogant prick because you feel inadequate.

Nodding your head? How about some:

  • Confidence
  • Peen pride
  • A body you feel comfortable with
  • Self Esteem
  • A quiet sense of self that silently brags of assurance for days.

That’s what living comfortably with yourself looks like.

Bottom Line: I’ll teach you how to heal your scars with some low tech supplies and techniques that anybody can master. And then you can get on with your bad ass epically cool life.

Wait, you don’t have one yet?

Dude, It’s your Dick.
Table of Contents

  • How YOU Can Make It Better
    This is a DIY course.
  • Why You Might Have Scars
    The short answer is usually Trauma. Next answer is infection.
  • What That Would Look Like*
    Dick pics, can you relate?
  • What That Would Feel (Or NOT Feel) Like
    Decreased sensitivity, pain, and possibly difficulty maintaining an erection.
  • Document Your Progress
    Stop right now and take a dic pic. I’m for serious.
  • Tools You Need/ Supply list
    You probably have most of this stuff at home. Seriously.
  • Skills You Need
    Massage, heat, oils, dry brushing, enthusiasm!
  • Putting It All Together
    Skills + Supplies + Action = Glorious Peen Healing
  • How Long Will This Take
    You’ve heard that story about Rome, yes?
  • News You Can Use
    Resources and info for going forward.
  • Let’s Stay Together.
    Got some questions for me? Need support from a community? Great. I’ve got a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for serious?


What kinds of “conditions” can be improved by therapy?

Any condition that is a result from scarring, either internal or externally. And what I’m learning here is that many people don’t know if chronic conditions are a result of their scars, or that they even recognize what a scar looks like when it’s on a penis. And because I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to get tagged for practicing medicine without a license, I’m not going to say specific conditions, but I can say that if there are ways that your penis isn’t functioning the way you’d like due to trauma or past infections, as a massage therapist and someone who knows the physiology of the body and ho scars reduce I can absolutely tell you how to help heal.

What can I expect to achieve from therapy?

My primary goal for this DIY course is to reduce pain, improve function, and to put healing tools into YOUR hands so that there is a sense of “I got this” and how about some more insight on how your own body works?

Will my information/enrollment be private?

Short answer: YUP. Longer answer: I’m not adding you to any mailing list, there are spots to comment under the lessons if you want to ask me something and other course attendees might see that, and we have a SECRET group on FaceBook that you can join if you’d like. It’s all up to you to on how you’d like to participate. PS I’m not taking any one on one communication, not soliciting private dic pics cause 1) I don’t need a bunch of dic pics blowing up my phone and 2) there is always somebody who ruins it for everybody. Don’t be “that guy.”

How long will it take to get results?

It pretty much starts with the first session, and by that I mean things start to change. After that its pretty much up to you, your goals, and how you integrate this into a five or ten minute daily self care habit.

Can i expect full restoration of my foreskin?

You know, on that one I don’t know. I’ve curated what I perceive to be all the legit foreskin restoration sites and resources, so on this one we will learn together.

Problem: Know what? Scars can really mess up your life. It’s what you don’t see that is dangerous.

What you see is not what you get!

What you see is not what you get!

When they occur internally, your organs, muscles, and bones are bound together with some crazy strong connective tissue that your body sets up as an overachieving healing response.

Abdominal scars can occur after ANY abdominal surgeries, gall bladder removal, appendix, lap band, tube tying, endometrious scopes, colon resections and, of course, hysterectomies and surgical births, causing wonky adhesions (like in your diagphram, hello shortness of breath!), upsetting digestive, reproductive and structural systems.

Folks who have had breast augmentation or removal can create scarring that restricts movement and looks like hell. And really, chest pride is awesome, especially when you’ve had surgery to get you there. So let me help with that, k?

Got scars other places? Like from when you where ten and broke your arm being Evel Knievel? Still doable.

South of the border? No biggie. I can work wherever, whenever, we will navigate it together. Teamwork.

Here is the Plan: Lets work together to reduce them, one little adhesion at a time. I don’t want you to have a life where your organs and reproduction aren’t working well. Not going to accept that. NO.

Heat, conversation, massage and aromatherapy commonly un~adhere the scars from the underlying tissues, creating EASE and an increase in function. I’ll set you up with the magic scar reducing massage oil blend and I’m going to coach you on how to massage and heal yourself, so you may decide to quit me, but that’s ok. Your healing and happy is what this session is all about.

PS This is suuuuper important for mamas wanting more babies. Dr Davidson over at Ben Taub says that adhesions and scars is the number one VBAC nemesis.

I had a fun chat with a woman that I ADORE today. She wanted to give us (me and The C.MiH) an update on how her body is after she’s been doing her scar therapy. She came in to see me, and between myself and a massage therapist at Ten Thousand Waves that taught her fascia massage for stretch mark prevention, she has a nice skill set for self-healing. “First, I wanna say that I showed Dr. Bobo and she was amazed. Look, look here, it’s so different, right?” These things, she reported, were doing great: Low Back Pain (that she developed postpartum) ~ is decreasing. “Like, the sciatica has been killing me, especially around my period. But the massage, especially going up and down, has really broken it up.” Skin Texture ~ is “changing, it’s really good, here, feel it.” And I did, it’s like buttah. Poo Cycle ~ “When it starts to feel off, I just do a castor oil pack. That gets me fixed up, and let me tell you, since my daughter’s birth, it has been whack. So those castor oil packs have helped me, yes.” Struggle points that I’m gonna research are: Period Cycle ~ “I used to be all lunar, and I feel like my C-Section is pushing me to ….” I think the word that she’s not saying here is “Menopause.” The Bearded Clam ~ “My love hair is all sparse, I’m just rocking the bearded clam, I think its from the anesthesia.” This was confirmed by my hair stylist hubs, who says that anesthesia definitely affects the hair on your head. So it’s not surprising that other hair areas are affected, areas that maybe we don’t share about quite so freely, right? So I’ll see what I can find out. So those are points I’m working into the re-write of the ebook Scars: Healing You(r) BellyLet me know if there is something else you want in there. Shoot me an email or comment here. And, of course, this is why Labor Whispering is important anyway, so we can cut down on how many scar therapy sessions are needed (thanks loves for the contributions!). I love ya, xo, Rowan P.S.: Placenta Tuesday right here. P.P.S.: Book yourself in.

Scarry Scarry night,  mix your colors blue and grey, was part of an awesome song named Vincent by Don McLean, check it out:


Stars are cool, scars, not so much.*  Especially if they are there after surgery, restricting your range of motion, keeping your body sore and tender, perhaps reinforcing a sense of failure. Good News! You can work them out, some of it is as simple as using a kid’s toy. And in our mission to teach folks how to heal themselves our first tutorial is for dudes who have had breast tissue removed, specifically for dudes having a transgender experience. Not you? Thats cool, pass it along to someone who is. Recovering from a surgical birth? Same info applies, it’s just a switch of the location of the real estate. Heres a quick tutorial on healing your scars. httpv:// XO to the max, Rowan and posse P.S.: Sometimes scars are hot, like have you met my friend Bethany?

Hey Love, You know what I dig? Low tech resources that have the potential to make a HUUUUGE difference in someone (like YOU)’s life. Got some scars on your chest? Guess what, that can decrease you breath, increase you pain and spike the social anxiety about pulling off your shirt. If you are a dude having a transgender experience, we have a tutorial for ya. If you are not that guy, pass it along to someone who is. I need some testers to give me feedback, so its priced at the 5 dolla no holla, soon to be $25. Give a click to find out more

Dancing for Birth

Another tool of badassery

Another tool of badassery is Dancing for Birth, and you can attend it for freeeeeee in the Houston area at my fav fitness studio NiaMoves.       What is so awesome about a Dancing for Birth Class? Think hours shaved off of your labor due to better baby positioning, less pain, more awesome and more joy. Oh wait, and way more overall birth satisfaction. That’s big, right?! That is the potential with this type of education. Oh yeah, and postpartum fitness. That you can do with the baby. Yuppers. So get more deets right here. Last and first of all, if you need me book in here. Big love, Rowan
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