Placenta Ups Your Street Cred

Hey Loves ~ I’m not sure how, but I’ve gotten on the birth radar for processing placentas. I had to rsvp as a “maybe” to an event  on Tuesday, and this is what I got in response. Who knew that placentas would up my street cred? My seeeester went to a perinatal mood disorder conference in Vegas last summer, and she said that they shared that, anecdotally, there are few reported cases of post partum depression (PPD) from women who injest their placentas. I’ve met some women who have had PPD and placentas, but they reported that they felt their symptoms were lessened and they attributed that to the placenta. One time, my girl, Kathleen, sent out a text that said “I am flipping my shit right now.” So. I gave a call, asked if she had some of her placenta, she made herself a smoothie from a juice cube and placenta bit that she had from baby Lola’s birth, and was settling her pants by the time I got to Centerville, I mean the Woodlands, 30 minutes later, that fast. Placentas even got some New York Times press. SO, how ya gonna get it in ya? 1st) Not all hospitals will give it to ya, so check and make sure that wherever you are delivering will let you leave with it, 2nd) Decide if you want a raw prep, an ecapsulation process, or some of both. The benefits of raw prep in a smoothie is that it’s a pretty quick turnaround, and having bits frozen in juice cubes makes it pretty easy to get that daily smoothie in ya. Some folks want the day-after smoothie, and then the rest dehydrated and then encapsulated. I use a big 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator that I had Reiki Symbols painted on. I feel like it ups the goodness. Chickens hopped in for the photo op 3rd) Find a provider and make sure, if you are wanting a raw prep, that the placenta is not steamed. Steaming equals a temperature change that causes the double helix of the DNA to separate, which essentially means cooking. So, if raw is what you are after, maybe no steamy steam. I do think it’s better than, say, placenta tacos. So did you ingest yours? Tell me and the world in the comments. xoxoxox, Rowan P.S.: Parsley says she misses you.

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