Let’s Get Our Learn On

Guess who’s getting her classroom together? That would be me. urban curandera, rowan twosisters, birth, doula, pregnancy, houston birth Guess who can look forward to up coming workshops? That would be you! What topics will we cover?

You know, the usual. The Lovely Lindsey has been reading Brighton Baby; and it talks about something called Quinton that I thought some of my loves navigating fertility might be interested in. I don’t have any more details than that yet, so I’ll catch you up as soon as I know more. #ButIHaveAFeeling Have any tips you’ve stumbled across and would like me to share? Leave me a comment below, and then I’ll share it out with the birth peeps.   Today’s newsletter is sponsored by this amazing child birth education class by Amanda Moore: Holistic Expectations. Because the more you know, the better prepared you are!   XOXO, Rowan P.S.:  Come see me?    

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