Y’all, I Need Your Help

I’m doing an Indigogo fundraiser to generate momentum and some up-front cash for a virtual Labor Whispering guide. I’ll be taking what I do for folks in a  one-on-one session, and creating an option you could send to your best friend three states over. Labor Whispering ~ Mapbook for Mamas. Coming soon to a pregnant woman near ya.

    ‘Cause Labor Whispering starts way before birth, right? And it’s my goal to help all mamas have a heads-up and an opportunity to work through potential birth blockers. Not feel stuck like chuck, alone.

And if they do have a birth that wasn’t as planned, it’s my hope that they feel that they did their best, they weren’t stopped by an avoidable stumbling block.

Why did I go with Indiegogo?

1) Because I need some upfront money to buy me (HARHAR) some time to finish the writing, money to get it edited, to get it translated (into Spanish, and possibly Japanese) reviewed for accuaracy in those languages, and peer reviewed.

2) Because kickstarter wouldn’t have me.

I’m already $1,590 invested into this project, and we are just getting ready to film the video for the crowdfunding site.

I’ve received generous in-kind donations, and for that I am so grateful.

This is how you can help, if you are feeling called.

Hold space with me that I make an awesome video. A video that gets my message out beyond my primary circle and into the wilds.

Come to the filming, this Saturday at NiaMoves, 6pm. In part of the film I want to show a village, a group of people that feel like I’ve supported them in their birth and labor journey. That includes you Dads, Other Mothers, and Partners. Extended family, all of it, all of you.

I’m Calling all Doulas, Midwives, and Photogs, even the occasional Dr.

I also need my Spanish speakers, because I want us to all say “Y traducir al español la Encantadora de Partos, una Guia para Mamás”

So, if you are game, come on over. If you alreday have a date, set an alarm on your phone to send me kind thoughts and love from 5:30pm to 10:30pm on Saturday Feb 2nd. LOVE.YOU.

P.S.: That’s Mama Lili working hard to birth Ariadne. P.P.S.: Thoughts? Suggestions? Good wishes? Let me know in the comments.
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